Top 5 Fiction books worth looking at

Sometimes you just need to be inspired so we have put together our list of the top 5 fiction books worth looking at.  Hopefully you’ll find a gem in here!

Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff

Nominated for the National book award, this saga tells the tale of a marriage creatively presented from the views of Lotto the husband and his wife Mathilde. This tale is laid out in an extravagant plot set with elements of Shakespearean theater, classic fairy tales and Greek Mythology. This is also one of the most psychologically intense tales of married life. Fates and furies will have you flipping pages wondering what lies behind the veneer of human appearances.

Fortune Smiles by Adam Johnson

Fortune smiles is a collection of short tales from the master story crafte Adam Johnson, and also the winner of the National Book Award. Though the aspect will often be grim and the contents black as death, Adam%u2019s storiesare also hilarious in an eerie way, moving and also full of refined enjoyment. Each sets the plot for a world that will fully engage the reader.

The Turner House by Angela Flournoy

This book is a tale of the Turners, a family that has inhabited the East side of Detroit for over half a century and experiencing the ever changing environment of its time. Angela Flournoy masterpiece bring the city and this fascinating family to life in an vivid and poignant way.

Get in Trouble by Kelly Link

Get in Trouble is the most recent short fiction number from Kelly Link, who is generally accepted as the most startlingly imaginative minds of today. With charm, humor and writing style that will convince everyone anything is possible, the reader will be taken through a world of fairy bosses, astronauts and movie stars.

Under the Udala Trees 2014 Chinelo Okparanta

This is a gripping tale of love and hope and the apocalyptic world of Nigeria waking up from a civil war. Ijeoma must come to term with a hostile society, when she falls in love with a girl. The story is a heart rending tale of a girl coming of age in world of great social upheaval.

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